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Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop Off and Pick Up

Please follow these guidelines for safe drop-offs and pick-ups.

Drop-off Lane

Use the Drop-off Lane only if your student can independently exit your vehicle. Do not exit your vehicle. Pull as far forward as you can. Be mindful of buses entering and exiting. Remember this is a cell-phone free zone.

If you prefer to assist your child in getting out of the car, please park in the lot and utilize the crosswalks to safely cross.


Utilize the crosswalks to safely cross from the parking lot to the school. Wait until the staff member on duty says it is safe to cross. Please do not try to go around the crosswalks. Our children are watching the models we set! Remind them of crosswalk expectations as well.

Waiting in the front yard

Please monitor your other children who are waiting with you to pick up your child. There should not be games of tag in the front yard of the school. This is a very busy area that needs all of us to be aware for the safety of children.