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School Announcements

Spirit Days sponsored by 5th Grade Leadership

January 22nd - Cohort A Dress-Up Day!   Dress like your favorite treat -- licorice, cupcake, an apple - whatever you love for a sweet treat!  Or just tape wrappers to your T-Shirt!  Get creative!

January 28th - Cohort B Dress-Up Day!  Formal Dress Up Day! Dress up nicer than you usually do -- wear a dress, a bowtie, a tuxedo -- your choice!

Thank you for supporting the efforts of 5th Grade Leadership to make SPE a fun place to be!

January 22, 2021 Virtual Story Time

Due to the shortened week, Virtual Story Time has been canceled for January 22nd. 

Pura Vida Bracelet Fundraiser

The SPE PIC and Leadership Team are excited to announce we are now selling Pura Vida bracelets to raise money for our school's Challenge Fund.  This is a combined effort with Soda Creek Elementary.  The bracelets are $7.00 each and we are offering 3 color options-multicolored red, white and black, all black, and all red.  The money raised goes directly to our teachers and staff and it also brings us all together as a community and represents our school pride. Ordering information is below. Quantities are limited.  Buy one of each for fun stacking!

To order the Pura Vida bracelets please visit this link:

If you have any questions please email us at

Leadership Team Fundraiser supports Grand County Families

The 5th Grade Leadership Team raised over $700 for Grand County families effected by the fires.  The Leadership Team sponsors have been in contact with the principal of Granby Elementary, who lost her own home.  She has 11 students who either lost their homes or have been displaced.  The SPE leadership team will purchase a $70 City Market gift card for each of these families, including the principal, and our leadership students wrote notes of encouragement to go with each card. The principal will then distribute them for us, in order to protect families' privacy.  Thanks again for your contribution and for supporting SPE's 5th grade leadership team!

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