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over 2 years ago

By Lisa Adams

Adams’ Daily Schedule

Note: We have a flexible learning environment….Movement, Reader Buddies, Brain Breaks, “Mindful” practice, goal setting and reflection are incorporated in a thoughtful way throughout our day Library, Leadership and Counseling are incorporated during morning  time

                8:30-9:50 Homeroom and Writing

9:50-10:10 Snack and Read Aloud or Independent Read

10:10-10:55 Specials-Art, Spanish, Music and PE

                 11:00-12:10 Reading / Math

                12:10-12:50 Recess

                1:00-2:00 Reading/Math                       

                2:00-2:15 Movement Break

                2:15-3:05  Science/Social Studies

                3:05-3:15 Clean up and Reflection

                3:15 Dismissal