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Challenge Fund / SPE PTIC

A Note from our ptic president

Hello Parents and Teachers of SPE! School is drawing near and we at PIC want to invite everyone to join us in helping make our school the best it can be! We are hosting a poll to figure out when is the best time for us to have our once a month PIC meetings- to where it would best accommodate everyone. We want YOU to be there with us and possibly the 8 am on the first Tuesday of every month might not have been the best time frame for a lot of you.
What works best? We want to hear your opinion so that we can get more volunteers involved! 

The options so far are as follows:

8:00am the first Tuesday of every month (as it has been held in the past years)

9:00am once a month

5:30pm once a month (or we could do a meeting 2-3 times a year at this time frame to allow some to join who can't meet in the morning times.)

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