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"Physical Fitness is not only one of the most important keys to a healthy body, it is the basis of dynamic and creative intellectual activity." John F. Kennedy

So Let's Get Moving This Year!
Daily Schedule
2nd Grade 8:30-9:15
3rd Grade 9:20-10:05
5th Grade 10:10-10:55
3rd Grade Lunch Duty 12:10-12:30
Kindergarten 12:50-1:35
1st Grade 1:40-2:25
4th Grade 2:30-3:15
Yearly Activities
September-Fitness Testing Grades 3-5
October- Haunted Gym
November-Turkey Trot/Specials Night
January-X-country Skiing
February- Winter Snow Fest/ Skateboarding
March-Jump Rope for Heart
May-Bike Rodeo
JRFH is in a March and April and I will be sending home a donation slip for students who wish to participate. This is fun event that teaches kids empathy for others as well as all of the important ways we can keep our hearts healthy. Heart Health is truly important to live a long and healthy life. Thanks in advance for helping if you can!
Expectations in Physical Education
1. Be Ready, Be respectful, Be safe and Be Kind
a.) Always think safely
b.) Kindness given should be kindness returned
c.) Remember to listen and follow directions
d.) Support others and be a good sport
2. Participate- GIVE 100%
3. Wear sneakers
4. Bring a note from a parent if you are sick or injured
Skateboarding in PE
In February we will start our skateboarding unit in PE. Students will be required to wear sneakers and are encouraged, but not required, to bring a bike or ski helmet to wear. We have helmets to use but they will have to wear a plastic produce bag on their head to prevent the spread of disease. Skateboarding teaches kids balance, core strength, control and safety in a safe environment. "Research shows that about 10% of students are natural
athletes that enjoy a physically competitive environment.
The New P.E. caters to the other 90% by providing alternative,
individual, and non-competitive activities such as
skateboarding. School districts across the world are
embracing this movement in physical education."